Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First day of French school...

So yesterday was our first day of French school! Here is what I learned:
1. It is very important to be on time. This was always an issue for me in high school...I always tend to be running late! We made it on time yesterday, but I have been told they frown on you if you are late!

2. You will meet friends at school! Well, I didn't necessarly make friends, but I did meet a American dad dropping off his daughter! When I heard English words in a crowded hallway of French voices, it almost startled me!

3. I will get lots of excerise at school! I didn't get to play on the playground and the bikes...but I did walk 24 blocks going to and from school 3 times! Maybe this is why French women stay so thin!

Oh wait...This is about Natalie's first day! Well, it was my first day too... I should get to tell about what I learned, right!!

Natalie had a fabulous first day at school! Her school is all in French! We met two other girls that speak English. One is from Holland and the other has an American dad (who I met) and a French mother. Natalie said she played with both.

We went last Friday to meet her teacher and visit the school. The school is very modern. There is a gymnastics room (more like a P.E. room) and all the walls are decorated with the kids art work. Before going into each room, the kids have little cubbies to put their things. They also remove their shoes and wear slippers in the class room!

When I dropped Natalie off, she was greeted by her teacher with a kiss on each cheek! She was all smiles. She turned before going in and said "Mommy, don't forget to leave all my things!" She had a great morning. She enjoyed music class and story time she said.

In France the school schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Wednesdays off). She goes from 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30. I pick her up for lunch and walk her back. If both parents are at work, then the kids can stay for lunch there, but because I stay at home, she eats with me. I think it is great that I get to see her in the middle of the day too! When we returned after lunch, she played on the playground. She said they went in after they played. She didn't have much to say about the afternoon when I picked her up. She did say "school is hard work!" So funny! She was excited to go back this morning, so I guess that was a good sign!

Landon, is a little congested, so we spent the morning at the house. I think we will enjoy the moringings together and it will give me a chance to get caught up on house work and shopping. We have also just been invited to some playgroups...but more on that next week!
I am beginning my "New Years" resolution of blogging weekly a little late. But check back next week to hear more about our life in France!

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