Saturday, January 23, 2010

My cute kids

I think my kids are the cutest ever! I know every parent gets to proclaim this, but this week they did some cute and funny things. Here are some stories with pictures and videos of MY CUTE KIDS!

*Last Friday was library day at school for Natalie. She brought home a French children's book she said she picked out. Thinking that "Okay, I am doing good in French lessons with the text book reading, I can handle a children's library book" So Natalie and I got cozy on the couch to read her book. Well, let's just say that I was struggling. I gave up after a page and we picked out a new book- in English. Well, this Friday she went to the library again with her class. She was so excited on our walk home at lunch and said "Guess what mom? I picked out a new book for us to read...and this one has no words! You can read a book with no words right?!" Sure enough, she picked out a picture book- with NO words!

*Landon began crawling on his first birthday. When he crawls on the rug its on both knees. But when he crawls on the wood floor he has developed this "monkey crawl" has we have named it. Here is a video clip for you to enjoy!

He is also our little organizer- always stacking blocks, arranging toys from one side of the room to the other. Here he is sorting his blocks.

*And just this morning we were doing laundry and cleaning up around the house. I pass through the living room and Natalie & Landon were both in the laundry basket with a bunch of toys. She says "We're on a boat going to Mexico, mommy!" Here they are on their "boat".

Natalie did really good at school this week. She struggled a little bit at drop of time. But once she got in the class room the teacher said she had a great time. She came home with a card she made and said they made a crown in class too. Here is a video clip about school. Have a great week everyone!

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