Sunday, March 21, 2010

long see!

So, I know, my new years resolution of writing once a week has long gone out the window. But isn't that what happens to most new years resolution? I mean, we make resolutions to eat better, work out, get up early- but they usually only last a month or so, right? The really bad thing in this case, as that I put my resolution on the world wide web! Well, life goes on, as it has these past weeks! So here is what has been going on these last few weeks...

February was a busy month. My parents came for a visit. We had a fabulous time seeing Paris and many of the favorite tourist places like Tour Eiffel, Palace of Versailles, Paris children's museum, river boat ride and visiting all around our village of Saint Germain en Laye. Many of these places we had not been to yet, and it was great to finally see them! Natalie was still enjoying school and Landon was exploring the house on all fours (crawling). At this time the church was meeting in a hotel in Paris and we were quickly outgrowing that location! We had an adult room and 2 children's classrooms. Those attending were the team along with the core members (we were not open to the public yet).

At the end of February, first weeks of March, a team from Kansas (our home church- Maranatha Worship Center) came. The first week they were here we had a team retreat at a campground 2 hours from Paris. The Kansas team did the children's ministry for the retreat. The kids were blessed with treats from the States as well as letters from family and friends! Our adult team had a wonderful time in worship and with guest speaker, John Kurt from PA.

Since that retreat it has been a whirlwind of activity. Over the last 2 weeks we have had two families and 2 single team members arrive. I have been helping them find their way around the grocery stores and with some kitchen help- which I really enjoy doing! Another big event that happened this month was our first public service on Sunday, March 14th. We are now meeting in a larger hotel with 3 classrooms for the kids ministry and a large meeting room for the adult service. We have had several families, couples and individuals visit over these last 3 weeks! It is exciting to see what God will do in the coming months!

Natalie is back in school after having a 2 week break. In France, they go to school 6 weeks and then have 2 weeks off! She had a hard time the first few days but now looks forward to seeing her friends. I spoke with her teacher this week and she said her French is slowly coming along. I asked Natalie on our walk home if she speaks French at school, she said "yeah, I say oui (yes) and no!" Funny
thing is she said it as if, "isn't this enough mom!" Her school is doing a carnival and parade in April. Her character is Little Red Riding Hood. Her teacher sent the book home for me to read to her- which of course is in French! I tried, but ended up just telling the story as I remember it!

Landon is a pro crawler. He can get around the house in a split second. He is now taking a few steps along the sofa, coffee table or whatever he is standing up to. His laid back personality is so very opposite of Natalie, but he is so much fun! He is always smiling. And whenever we are out, he is always smiling at whoever will look his way! When we went to the Palace of Versailles a few weeks back, I had him on my back carrier. Debbra and Stephen were smiling at me. I wondered what they were smiling at, I slowly turned around and Landon (on my back) had 4 teenage girls talking and surrounding him and he was soaking up the attention! He is such a flirt!

I am including a hodge-podge of pictures from the last few weeks! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! So thankful we are able to celebrate his death and RESURRECTION! Many blessings! Please feel free to keep in touch with us on Facebook (as I check that often and quickly write short snip-its about whats going on)!

Pictures from right to left: Landon exploring the view; Our family at the Palace of Versailles; the kids and I at Normandy (Utah) beach; Natalie doing a dance with her friend Hannah to the song "Rainbow in the sky" at the Bridge Kids talent show (@ the team retreat); Landon eating his first apple (not cut up); the three of us at Sacre Coeur- highest elevation in Paris and a beautiful church. Landon was asleep in the stroller. BTW- there is a little artist district behind the church a few blocks. This is my new favorite place in Paris! Its beautiful!

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