Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Milking it!

the setup:

Its 10pm. Getting ready to leave from District Council.

Natalie and I were exiting the bathroom, opening the door together when "ouch"!

Natalie stubbed her toe. Actually it was more like tears pouring, loud screaming and blood all over my (new) white shirt...I had picked her up.

I sympathize and say something like "oh, honey... so sorry. Are you okay?"

"NO!" (still crying and screaming)...at this point I didn't see the blood.

We enter the hall and are headed to daddy and friends who are talking, when my friend points out the blood. Looking down I see that half of my daughters toe nail is missing and blood is pouring out (okay, that may be a little dramatic). I scoop her up (tears and screaming still) and return to the bathroom.

My friend gets her a band-aid and we get her cleaned up. We return to the hall and get our stuff gathered up (still crying).

Daddy carries her to the car.

Once in the car we decide to stop at Starbucks, Natalie asks for a kids milk (she still has tears)

We stop at Starbucks, feeling guilty for what happened I return with a CHOCOLATE kids milk!

Need I say that she milked that injury for all it was worth! And she says "mommy this is good!"

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