Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disney Trip

Disney was fantastic! I am so glad we were able to take the kids!

Natalie's favorite parts were "seeing the princesses, the castle and watching Tinker Bell fly from the castle and fireworks". She also loved riding the roller coaster(in Mickey's Toon Town). Without Stephen prompting her, sitting in the front car, she immediately put her hands in the air, and loved every minute of it! She was mesmerized by the parades and shows. And loved seeing all the characters!

Landon had a great time too! He is so easy going. He enjoyed the bright colors, smells and sounds! He rode his first ride- The Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride in Magic Kingdom! It's in the dark and actually has a bit of a down hill drop. His eyes were huge but he never cried!

Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures! Oh, and have a MAGICAL day!

Natalie seeing the castle
for the first time!
Landon on his first ride...
look at his eyes!
Natalie and daddy
enjoying the parade!

Landon catching a nap
during the day in his stroller.
Landon's first time swimming!

Natalie with Cinderella!

Natalie in her princess crown.
So cute!

Stephen enjoying one of his
MANY shrimp from
Ohana Polynesian Restaurant.
Our family at the
Magic Kingdom after the fireworks!

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